Impressive New Ways To Get Baby Soft Skin

Are you suffering from the rough and dry skin when you touch it? Are you tired of your harsh skin? You know your skin is body’s largest and most valuable organ. Daily sun exposure, heat, heavy makeup, pollution, dirt and harsh chemical soaps make your skin even rougher and dry. Here are some simple steps you can do at home to get baby soft skin!

  1. Cleanse your skin every day with a soap free body wash, water, and a soft sponge. Apply body wash with a sponge in a circular motion, it makes blood circulation better. Gently wash your face especially when you have acne then don’t scrub hard because it make your acne worse or even leave scars.
  2. The most important step is Exfoliate. When you exfoliate you can get rid of dirt, a dead skin cell, and excess oil which makes your skin dull. You can exfoliate with Exfoliating puff, Exfoliating scrub or Exfoliating shower gloves you can buy it from the store or you can make it by yourself at home.
  3. Dry your body with a fluffy towel. Do not rub or scrub your skin because its damage your skin and also create wrinkles.
  4. When you are still in the bathroom and your pores are still open from warm water or steam. Then this is the best time to moisturize your skin within 3 minutes with lotion, cream or baby oil. If you have sensitive skin use Johnson’s baby lotion. It’s great because there are no harmful chemicals and it is specially made for babies to get soft skin.
  5. We thought so many times that why babies have such a soft and smooth skin, the reason is they do not expose to harmful UV rays of the sun. It’s very important to avoid dryness, wrinkles or spots caused by the sun. So always wear sunblock or sunscreen lotion/cream when you are going outside of your house. Make sure to apply the sun block 20 minutes before leaving your house.
  6. Apply Good Moisturizing lotion or cream on your body and hands before going to bed. For baby hands and legs, wear tights, gloves and socks on top of the cream to lock the moisture and it leaves your skin soft and creamy.
  7. Always drink 8 to 10 glasses every day. It will keep you hydrated from the inside and gives your skin a fresh look.
  8. Take daily multivitamins to fight with radical damage and wrinkles.
  9. Use some body lotion on feet, knees and elbows before you go to bed.
  10. Mix some sugar with olive oil and gently rub on skin to get soft skin.
  11. It’s easy to make homemade Exfoliation, Add 2 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons brown sugar and half lemon in a bowl, gently rub into skin and wait for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse with warm water and patting dry your skin with a soft towel.
  12. Mix lemon juice with honey and milk cream for 10 minutes, it leaves your skin soft.
  13. Give yourself a luxurious bath to get soft skin, Dip yourself into a bathtub, Add a half liter of milk, 3 tablespoons honey, Add some water and add a Vitamin E capsule into water.

Add some brown sugar to your favorite moisturizing lotion and mix. Gently rub into your skin and then towel it off.



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