Nail Spa

Ameerah Ladies Spa & Salon

• Nail Spa •

At our nail spa, we offer a range of nail services to help you keep your hands and feet looking and feeling their best. Our team of skilled nail technicians are trained in the latest techniques and use only the highest-quality products to ensure that you get the best results.

Ameerah Spa Manicure
Ksh2000 45Mins
Ameerah Spa Pedicure
Ksh2800 60Mins
Kids Manicure
Ksh800 30Mins
Kids Revanish
Ksh200 30Mins
Kids Pedicure
Ksh800 30Mins
Paraffin Manicure
Ksh2000 45Mins
Paraffin Pedicure
Ksh2800 45Mins
Classic Manicure
Ksh1300 30Mins
Classic Pedicure
Ksh1900 45Mins
Gel Manicure
Ksh2200 30Mins
Gel Pedicure
Ksh2800 30Mins
Gel Nail Application
Ksh5000 60Mins
Gel Extension Soak off
Gel Revanish
One Nail Replacement
Normal Revanish
Acrylic / Gel Infills
Gel / Acrylic Nails Soak off
Soak off (OWN)
Ksh300 15Min
Acrylic Nail Application
French Manicure
Ksh1500 45Mins
French Pedicure
Ksh1800 45Mins
French Gel Revanish
Ksh1000 20Mins
Gel Chrome Manicure
Ksh2500 50Mins
Gel Chrome Pedicure
Ksh3500 55Mins
Gel Chrome Revanish
Ksh1500 20Mins