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Essential Deep Cleanse Facial

The first step in beauty. The essential line provides cleansing, hydration and toning. It cares for skin which normally has minor conditions that must be treated as soon as they appear. Active ingredients; Camomile and cucumber for skin softening and cleansing, magic nut extract for skin toning, jojoba for regeneration, wheat germ and propolis for nutrition, silk proteins for revitalization, clay for hydration, natural collagen of sea origin and elastin for the strength and elasticity of the skin tissue.


60 Mins

Clear Balance Facial

Clear balance is a line of professional products developed to standardize the three main impurities, hyperseborrhea, hyperkeratosis and tendency to infection. Recommended for oily skin and skin prone to acne. Ideal from ages 15yrs.


60 Mins

Aquatherm Facial

A scientific solution for sensitive skins, aimed at standardizing and re-balancing the epidermal metabolism, re-establishing the function that protects against harmful effects of the environment and assisting to prevent redness, oedema or scaling. All the Aquatherm products have been formulated with thermal water from the Salies-De-Bearn spring (France), a mineral-thermal-water containing a large amount of salts and more than 25 essential trace elements. 60mins


60 Mins

Eye Treatment

Indulge in this beautiful eye treatment for a good one hour and the eye area is left firm and supple. The skin around the eye area becomes lighter and brighter and gives you stronger eye lashes.


60 Mins

Power C+ Brightening Antioxidant Facial

Vitamin C is essential in our physiological development due to its role in preventing aging. In skin it has an anti-free radical action, protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. This is combined with pomegranate extract to give the skin a younger and more radiant looking skin. Recommended for dehydrated skin lacking radiance.


60 Mins

Power Hyaluronic Facial

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the body. Its main objective is to capture and retain moisture in the skin. This facial is recommended for skin that is dehydrated on the surface and in depth. It gives the skin a good moisture boost.


60 Mins

Corrective Line Facial (Anti-Aging)

The effective alternative to medical aesthetical treatment. Corrective line is a cosmetic treatment that removes deep lying wrinkles , rejuvenates the facial expression and restores the skin firm youthful look. Recommended age from 40yrs.


70 Mins

Dermapeel Pro Facial

Softer, more even and radiant skin. Indicated for treating pigmentation, photo-aged skin, fine expression lines, scars and acne marks.


75 Mins

Global Lift Facial

Professional treatment designed to restore the facial fullness of youth and redefine the facial contours. A lifting for the face and throat based on anti age technology ProGEN-IN ,an advance cosmetic for a global lifting effect for restoring the facial volume. Result is lifted face and radiant skin. For all skin types.


90 Mins

Power Retinol

Based on the synergy of 3 active ingredients,pure concentrated Retinol,amber extract and calendula oil that are expertly combined to obtain a unique complex with surprising results. It improves skin pigmentation by 100% and reduces wrinkles by 70%. An excellent rejuvenating effect! For all skin types.


60 Mins

High Frequency Treatment


10 Mins

Galvanic Facial

It benefits the way a face lift benefits the skin; that's why it is referred to as 'non-surgical face lift``. Wrinkles are made smooth and muscles are tightened. Blood circulation is increased which in turn nourishes the cells of the skin. It has anti-aging properties.


Each session is 20 mins at 1200. Recommended sessions 10.

Skynedor Skin Diagnosis Test


Power Oxygen Facial

Oxygen supply is essential for a healthy skin. Living in urban areas with pollution weakens the skin barrier, decreases antioxidant reserves and inhibits oxygen supply to the tissues. This results in appearance of blemishes, dull and uneven skin tone and lack of radiance.


60 Mins

Vacuum Facial


20 Mins