Power Oxygen City Pollution Block Cream +O2


Facial revitalizing cream for normal and dry skin that is suffocated and fatigued due to lack of oxygen.” Formula with high content of Perfluorodecalina, molecule traps oxygen, its formula combines actives of oxygenating, prebiotic and protection against environmental pollution, For a ruminant revivifying oxygenating effect.

Active Ingredients

GUM-4 Biosaccharide
Perfluorodecalin 2%
Tropaeolum Majus (Garden Nasturtium) extract
Prebiotic oligosaccharides
Environmental protector 2 MDa, barrier effect


Skin oxygenation protector by: Direct supply (PFDC), stimulates the cellular transport (By activation of the HIF-1 gene, the hypoxic stress regulator)
Environmental protector with barrier effect, favours the skin’s beneficial ecoflora (Recovers the skin’s natural barrier).

Application Method

Apply morning and night with soft smoothing massages until its complete absorption.


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